Raw 10/3/2016 Review: Sick of this shit (Divas & Indy Schmucks)24:04

Published on October 4, 2016

ScreenHunter_702 Aug. 28 23.42The show started off with Roman Reigns saying i’m going to be the first Samoan person to have this USA title, Lana shows up and she says Rousef wants to fight you then reigns says i don’t want to fight you then Rousef beats him up then Reigns beats him up in turn and says alright you wanna fight i’m going to take you to Hell In A Cell.  You bring all these unknown f**king fags on the roster at the same time THIS IS WHY THE RATINGS SUCK WE WANT F**KING CHARACTERS AND CHARISMA CUT A F**KING PROMO YOU WET HAIRED JOBBER FEST DANCING FOOL!lefty1

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