The Right SmarkBuster, also known as “Righty”, “Right Buster”, “The Guy in the Black Hoodie”, “The Guy With the Notes”, “The Manic One”, and “The Left SmarkBuster” (by retards who can’t tell left from right), is one of the SmarkBusters or whatever. SmarkBusters are well-known for their views on professional wrestling that is not common in the internet wrestling community. They are also known for hating many wrestlers that are popular among the “IWC” such as Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, and many more.

SmarkBusters don’t care much for the current product. They have a hatred for Cody Rhodes and are big fans of Brock Lesnar. Although smarkbusters claim to hate most things about the WWE product, they do admit that they are wrestling fans and want WWE Wrestling to get better. Smarkbusters also claim they are not fans of other wrestling promotions such as TNA or NJPW. Smarkbusters often poke fun of fans who are huge followers of smaller promotions such as ROH and NJPW. Even though smarkbusters hate many wrestlers who are popular among the internet wrestling community. SmarkBusters also have an enormous hatred for John Cena, who is not liked among the internet wrestling community.

SmarkBusters are busting wrestling smarks all over the wrestling world.